For our professional and personalized consulting service and your peace of mind!

Our team of experienced tax specialists and accountants strives to minimize your tax liabilities while establishing a simple tax and budget structure adapted to your situation.

To achieve this, we work with you to assess every facet of your business and personal situations.

Impôtaxe will quickly become a crucial ally who works for you, in an efficient collaboration, to allow you to find peace of mind regarding your tax issues.


The mission of Impôtaxe is to simplify the world of accounting and taxation.

To get away from the traditional brick-and-mortar concept, we have made all our services virtually accessible to the entire population. With a portal that allows you to easily manage your account, we democratize and demystify this industry of activity that seems hermetic.


Use the technology to automate processes and offer you a high-quality service.


  • Incomparable customer service with a team able to answer all your needs and questions
  • Teamwork and flawless collaboration with our clients
  • A professional service thanks to the contribution of specialists and experts in the field


  • 2013 Creation of the firm by Evelyne Jacquet as a self-employed person
  • 2014 Opening of an office to receive clients in person
  • 2019 Official incorporation of the company under the name Impôtaxe Inc
  • 2020 Modernization of the business model to become a fully virtual tax and accounting firm
  • 2022 Official launch of the Portal where clients can access their records and upload files online
  • 2023 New branding to celebrate 10 years of existence